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History of the Garage Door
Have you ever wondered who invented the first electric garage door opener? Well, it was invented in 1926 by C. G Johnson, the man who created the company today known as the Overhead Door Corporation. This invention sparked the garage door revolution in the United States. Designed to assist homeowners who had trouble lifting their heavy wooden garage doors, the purpose of the product today has not changed.

Ultimately, our garage door openers are supposed to make opening and closing our garage doors easy and convenient. Today, Zionsville Garage Door Repair are lucky enough to have remotes and buttons to open our garage doors without having to step out of our cars. Yet, most of us don’t even realize this convenience until our garage doors stop responding to that button or remote that we press so instinctively. This action is so conditioned that you don’t even have to think about it--until that moment when it dawns on you that no matter how many times you hit that button, your garage door is not going to open.

When Your Door Won’t Budge
In that moment when your garage door will not budge, you are left feeling angry and irritated. You probably can’t believe that is happening to you, and you are thinking to yourself that you have the worst luck. Yet, luckily for you, a garage door repair specialist can help. What makes it worse is the probability that your garage door decided to not open at a very inconvenient time. However, our company has plenty of garage door repair specialists on hand at any time of the day, and we will get your garage door working again in no time.

Not only is it an inconvenience for you when your garage door is not working right, but it can also become a safety concern. Putting off getting your garage door repaired could put yourself in danger of having unwanted guests enter your home. By calling our Zionsville garage door repair service, we will make sure that your garage door is repaired in a timely manner.

Is it DIY Time?
You may consider yourself a master do-it-yourselfer and capable of fixing every problem on your own. When your garage door stopped working, it was probably when you made a very important decision. If you have decided to go it alone, it is important for you to understand the possibility of not only adding further damage to your garage door, but injuring yourself in an attempted repair.

However, no DIY repair should be attempted if your garage door has a single torsion spring at the center of your door. Instead, you should consult a Garage Door Repair Zionsville IN specialist who is certified with working with this type of garage door. A DIY repair should not be attempted because the tension of that one spring could severely injure you if it is not removed correctly.

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Risking Making the Problem Worse

Attempting a DIY repair in which you have no experience completing or the proper safety training can end poorly for you and for your garage door. The biggest mistake that you could make is deciding to attempt a repair that is too difficult for you to handle. Instead, get the job done right the first time by a certified garage door repair expert. Ultimately, trying to make a repair that you do not have the experience or tools to complete can result in needing a more expensive repair down the road. Remove the risk of further damaging your garage door by consulting our garage door repair service.

Remember the Facts

One thing that you should be doing to prevent expensive repairs is keeping up with the maintenance of your garage doors. If you did not know already, your garage doors should be checked every year for safety and performance purposes. To make sure everything is in order, call our Garage Door Repair Zionsville specialists to come and inspect your garage door. They will check for your garage door opener, springs, and rollers for any signs of damage.

By having a garage door repair specialist inspect your garage door today, you will save yourself from being among one of the 30,000 garage and garage door related accidents in the U.S. each year.