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Premium Garage Door Broken Spring Repair Zionsville IN

Have you recently noticed that your garage door has stopped working correctly? If this is so, one of the reasons why it may not be working properly is because you have a broken spring. Like most homeowners, you probably have paid little to no attention to your garage door springs and what they actually do for your garage door. If you did not know already, your garage door springs lift about 90 percent of the weight of your garage door. Your actual garage door opener, on the other hand, only lifts 10 percent.

Your Safety is Vital
Now that you have realized you have a broken spring, it is important for you to understand that fixing this problem can be very dangerous if not done correctly. Before attempting a DIY fix, you should seriously consider the pros and cons of attempting to do the repair on your own. Garage door springs are tightly wound and are under a very large amount of pressure. When these springs are broken and not removed correctly, they can cause a serious injury. Instead of risking covering a hefty hospital bill, you may want to call a Zionsville garage door broken spring repair specialist to do the job right.

Certified Specialists are Right for the Job
Our company has plenty of Zionsville garage door broken spring repair specialists who will make sure that they get your garage door working again in no time. We also carry a large inventory of garage door springs on hand, ensuring that we match your old broken spring with a new one.